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Our Upcoming Broadcast Schedule
(Note--all times are CDT and are subject to change. Times listed are game starting times, with our pre-game show beginning 5-10 minutes in advance of the listed game time)

Please Note: With the arrival of spring sports, unpredictable weather conditions may force venue changes which may affect our ability to produce live broadcasts. Be advised that all spring sports broadcasts are tentative and subject to change and/or cancellation.

Saturday, April 25
Women's Lacrosse--NWLL 3rd Place Match: RMU vs. Georgetown 2:30 pm
Baseball: RMU @ Judson (DH) 5:00 pm  WATCH LIVE 
Note: Video produced by Judson, which charges a fee to watch.

Sunday, April 26
Softball: Lindenwood-Belleville @ RMU (Game One) 12:00 pm   LISTEN LIVE  LIVE STATS
Softball: Lindenwood-Belleville @ RMU (Game Two) 2:30 pm   LIVE STATS
Baseball: Judson @ RMU (DH) 3:00 pm  LISTEN LIVE   LIVE STATS

Tuesday, April 28
Baseball: Trinity Christian @ RMU (DH) 5:00 pm  LISTEN LIVE   LIVE STATS